Why self-care is important

Have you ever felt exhausted, fatigued, overwhelmed and that there is never enough time in the day to do everything on your ‘To Do’ list? You are not alone, being a parent is challenging and also rewarding, but until you make yourself a priority on your ‘To Do’ list you will continue to feel overwhelmed.

So what does ‘Self-care’ mean and why is it so important?

Self-care is any activity that we do which helps to maintain your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. It can help you feel healthy, relaxed and prepared for each day to take on joyfully all of your responsibilities.

I have always thought most of us take better care of our cars more than we do of ourselves until we break down. For many years I acted as if I was indestructible, and completely ignored my body’s screams for rest until I was forced to listen.  It’s what I see so many people do! We fail to heed the subtle messages of our body, mind, heart and soul, all of which need to be taken care of, until we absolutely have to pay attention to the message that you are running on empty. Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul are all more important than your car, so why do we put self-care at the bottom of our ‘To Do’ list?

That is an easy question to answer! Most of us believe our children and other people or tasks come first no matter how we are feeling or what is happening in our lives. We have been taught to put others before ourselves because we have been told it is selfish if we take time out of our busy day to spend on self-care. As Oscar Wilde once said ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a long romance’ so why not start today loving yourself more than anyone else!!

How you ask?

Self –care is a learnt skill and a personal journey so, how do you start making changes today? Journal your thoughts about self-care, read self-care books, talk to a mentor or coach to help you on your self-care journey. Self-care should be practiced routinely as it can take determination and effort, but once you start putting yourself at the top of your ‘To Do’ list you will notice the difference to your health and stress level.

Enjoy your life, even with its imperfections; you only have one life so if you don’t love it right now ask yourself ‘what is getting in your way and can you change your mind about self-care and put yourself at the top of your ‘To Do’ list’. Have fun exploring!

by Elaine Tunn, Lifestyle Coach, FOCUS on life balance