Support prior to your newborns arrival

Your Caring Hands Midwife is an experienced and dedicated professional who will foster your strengths and provide education and counselling on health and your developing family.


During the Caring Hands Wellness Program you and your partner will receive a personalised antenatal session to address your individual needs, questions and concerns to build your confidence before your new family member arrives.

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Caring Hands Wellness Program

The Caring Hands Wellness Program is a holistic program designed to help you achieve optimal health and harmony in body, mind and spirit. The program will be tailored to your needs and interests.


Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • Maternity care and your choices.
  • Understanding the importance of self care in pregnancy for body, mind and spirit.
  • Pregnancy changes: normal / not so normal!
  • Your motivation and direction for exercise and nutrition
  • Strategies to keep a well balanced lifestyle
  • Techniques for yoga, meditation and relaxation
  • Birth preparation – anatomy and physiology, stages of labour, active birth, pain in labour, dealing with pain in labour, drugs & interventions
  • Birth Day discussion
  • Assisting your partner or support person to fully understand what to expect & how to support you
  • After your baby is born / understanding what to expect physically and emotionally
  • Breastfeeding. Specialised care from Lactation Consultant
  • Antenatal breast milk collection
  • Hello baby! Understanding your newborn.
  • Explaining benefits of massage for mother and child
  • Guidance with self learning – recommend further reading
  • Support networks