Welcome to the July Newsletter


Hello and welcome back to Caring Hands Home Maternity Services newsletter. If this is your first time joining us, I hope you enjoy the stories and gifts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Staying connected with families, our community and local businesses is our priority.  Caring Hands “Moments in time” is here to empower you to ‘share the love’, make friends, gather information and access professional services and wonderful products.

Featuring in this issue is Kerrie from Beauty Boost and Jess whom I am mentoring to be a Lactation Consultant.

Please note my free baby clinic on Thursday’s at the Redcliffe Think Pharmacy will be closed until August. The Pharmacy is changing from ‘Think’ to DDS and is having some major renovations. The exciting news is I will have a beautiful new consultation room for your visits. Opening dates will be posted in August.

Share your stories and photos. Email [email protected] or post on Caring Hands Home Maternity Services Facebook page. I look forward to receiving them.


Amanda Sykes
Director of Caring Hands Home Maternity Service