Tips to help you create YOUR happy, healthy and meaningful Lifestyle

  1. Be willing to change the way you think – your thoughts shape your world.01


  1. Create a positive mindset – Open your mind to the idea of thinking positively every day. Identify and remove negative thinking. Change your attitude and you will see changes in your life.


  1. Be careful who your surround yourself with. People can either lift your energy or they can drain it.


  1. Love and accept who you are – self-love and self-awareness. It is often extremely hard to love yourself because you are so busy thinking of others. Tell yourself everyday ‘ I accept myself unconditionally’


  1. Avoid staying up late watching TV. It depletes melatonin; your sleeping hormone. Make sure you have a peaceful sleeping pattern.


  1. Kick one bad habit at a time – it might seem a good idea to quit everything at once, but realistically if you focus on breaking one bad habit at a time you are more likely to completely conquer that bad habit. You can then move on to any more bad habits you would like to kick!


  1. Have a balanced nourishing diet, regular exercise and self- care – put yourself first and do something to nurture & nourish ‘you’ at least once a week.


  1. Get outdoors into the sunshine as it releases serotonin in the body and makes you feel happy.


  1. Stay calm, determined and focused on reaching your potential. When the mind is calm only then can you see wisdom!


  1. Have an attitude of gratitude- pay attention to the things that surround you and be thankful for what you have, rather than dwelling on what you lack.


  1. Focus on what excites you – what excites you may not always be straightforward (like raising children) or fun (like a job you love but find stressful) but anything the excites you like spending time with a loved one or engaging in your favourite hobby or sport is something you should make a priority in your life.


  1. Be consistent and you will uncover what has been holding you back from living the vibrant, healthy, balanced body and lifestyle that you have always wanted.


  1. Reward yourself – you deserve it!!!


About Lifestyle Coaching 

Lifestyle Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health & life goals through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.

As more and more awareness is given to preventative care, lifestyle coaching is seen as a vital aspect of creating healthy lifestyle changes. Lifestyle Coaches are becoming recognised as essential and integral parts of people’s health and wellbeing.

I believe in a holistic approach to living a happy, healthy and meaningful lifestyle, which means that I look at the big picture: how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole. My approach is not to dwell on the negatives in your life instead; I help clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

20% off the Lifestyle Coaching Program for the Caring Hands community – If you would like to have a chat about the Lifestyle Coaching Program and the topics that may be suitable for your coaching sessions and receive 20% off all packages contact Elaine on (M) 0409 273 477.

Perhaps I can be that person to walk with you for a short time, or for a long time, side by side through life for a while. Empowering you through strategies, giving you the tools in life to aid and assist you in making strategic, healthy decisions; encouraging you to find your joy, inner peace, strength or you might just be looking for some direction.

You will be able to broaden your knowledge, learn more about yourself, and build your self- esteem & confidence. Being mindful always we don’t have to agree with each other! No matter where you are in your life everything you need is within YOU!

It may be a simple matter of flicking on a switch in your mind, changing a couple of behaviours, who knows!! You are unique and every single person is different.

It is important to have fun on your “Lifestyle coaching journey”! That is why you will be given “Home Play” so you can demonstrate that you are putting the energy in & are 100% committed to designing & improving YOUR lifestyle!!

Are you ready to change your Life?

Living a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Lifestyle

Elaine Tunn – Lifestyle Coach (M) 040927347