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I am excited to include in this issues ‘Local Business Hot Spot’ some helpful information by our wonderful Brisbane Naturopath Kim Balson.


As a practising Brisbane-based Naturopath of over 25 years now, it never ceases to amaze me how our body’s constantly strive for balance and wellbeing even if we do our best to throw it sideways now and again with our lifestyle and eating choices. What I really enjoy the most is to help patients navigate their way through a myriad of health issues towards a realistic goal achieving optimum health and clearance of symptoms as economically and efficiently as I can. I treat the spectrum of health conditions with special focus on male/female hormonal wellbeing, weight management, menopause, skin conditions and gastrointestinal management.

Children also come into special focus as they are generally very easy to treat being so young. The trick is to keep them well. Atopic allergies/gut health/diet and foods are discussed with regards to food and behaviour, learning difficulties and sleep disorders. I can help you treat the foundations of health such as you would the soil in a pot for the plant to grow strong and free of disease. Same approach applies to us. I have learnt many tricks and short cuts over the years that bring lovely results so don’t hesitate to call me with any manner of health complaint. These will save you time and money and allow more time for you to enjoy life.

Here are my 5 top tips to better manage the varied food/behaviour responses we find in our children:

1.     Ensure your child takes a regular broad spectrum practitioner gut probiotic to enhance immune function and help reduce sugar cravings

2.    Minimize colours/flavours/preservatives and all sugars. Give them water regularly not juice

3.    Start the day with some protein ie some eggs or mini farmers breakfast, not white bread and vegemite

4.    Keep blood sugars balanced by feeding them mainly savoury snacks every two to three hours through the day

5.    Ensure their sleep is sound and they are in bed at a regular time. Use magnesium supplements to help sleep.

Kim Balson | Naturopath

Naturopath/ Health and Hormone Consultant
Author of “Woman to Woman”
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