Breastfeeding: FACT OR FICTION

Common myths about breastfeeding can affect the breastfeeding relationship between a mother and her baby. Here are some truths to dispel these wrong ideas.

Truth: It is not normal for breastfeeding to hurt

Many mothers feel some nipple pain that ceases beyond the initial attachment in the early weeks. If pain lasts beyond the initial attachment or if there are signs of nipple damage, these things usually mean that a baby is not attached well to his mother’s breast.  This can be rectified with the help of your Lactation Consultant.

Truth: Most mothers can produce enough breastmilk

Most mothers can make more than enough milk for their baby (or babies!). If a mother has a low milk supply it is usually because her baby is not feeding often enough and /or has a poor latch. Seek help if you are concerned.

Truth: Night feeds are important for babies and mothers

Prolactin (the hormone that tells the breast to make milk) is highest at night, so night feeds are important for your milk supply. Babies have small stomachs that need to be re-filled often, including during the night. Night feeds ensure that a mother and her baby have close contact around the clock. This helps a baby’s fast-growing brain.

(Reference: Australian Breastfeeding Association)